About Us

Crypstone is bringing blockchain to your door steps

Crypstone was born out of innovation and the need to provide a better solution than what was available in the African Blockchain industry. With so many bottle-necks and perfunctory solutions provided by the so called experts, Crypstone changed the game by developing better platforms that makes transacting with cryptocurrencies easy and memorable.

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Commitment and Consistency

With young and vibrant minds powering the Crypstone Ecosystem, We can assure you that the project would remain active. The proven integrity and track record of the team assures that the coin doesn't loose value in the market..

Global Remitance

Crypstone is solving the problem of remitance. With fast processing speed and cheap transaction fees, you can send money and value to your business partners and friends outside your locality.

Affiliate Marketing

With over Thirteen years experience in the network marketing industry, Crypstone offers a good compensation plan for team builders.

Awesome Support

Crypstone values her users and is open to communication around the clock. Say "Hi" when the need arrises and our higly trained professionals will take it up from there..

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